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Headshots and Portraits

Make a statement with your first impression!

Actor Headshots

Whether you are just breaking in to the acting business, or you have been performing as an actor for years…having killer professional acting headshots will make casting directors notice you. You are already a celebrity on the inside…now let me help you look like one on the outside!

Corporate Headshots

Are you making a move in your career, and need a new corporate headshots to look more professional? I can help you update your LinkedIn profile photo, or social media images so that you look like an expert in your industry. If you’re still using a stuffy photo that was taken at your office party 10 years ago…stop waiting, and let me help you get a modern headshot that makes you look good!


1. Posing

Do you know which side is your ‘good side’? Most people look better on the left side of their face. The side you part your hair on is also an indicator. Everyone has a sweet spot where they look best. Finding your angle is a big step in making sure you look good in your headshot. I have tricks to reduce the ‘double chin’ effect, and I’ll teach you about how body language affects your perceived strength.

2. Expression

The most important part of a headshot is your expression. We will spend a majority of the session making sure you are conveying the type of personality you want in your images. I will teach you about your mouth, eyes, eyebrows, and how the combination of the three affect your expression. I will make sure you look like the confident, approachable, and interesting professional you are.

3. Selection

It’s hard to judge details of an image on the back of a camera, so I shoot tethered into a laptop computer. The images will pop up on the large screen as soon as we take them. This provides me the ability to show you the shots, and receive your immediate feedback. I can fix problems during the shoot instead of finding out after that something wasn’t right. This ensures the best possible images.

4. Retouching

The final details are added with retouching. Nothing kills a shot faster than poor retouching. Skin has texture, and should not be blurred. I employ advanced photoshop techniques to keep everything looking natural. I will do a basic color correction, remove blemishes, remove stray hairs, fix glare in glasses, even out skin tone, and make everyone look like the best versions of themselves.